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Ireland: scientific institutions, organisations, research


List of scientific institutions in Ireland: universities, research and other academic institutions, government agencies, industry associations.

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Chemistry Related Institutions

Combustion Chemistry Centre C3
... is engaged in fundamental research on the combustion of fossil and biofuels. National University of Ireland, Galway - [e]

Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
... is the professional body representing chemists in Ireland. Its members are chemists who satisfy the requirements of the Institute with regard to qualifications and experience - [e]

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Scientific Universities

Dublin City University
Faculty of Science & Health: biotechnology; chemistry; mathematical sciences; physical sciences - [e]

Dublin Institute of Technology
Faculty of Science: biological sciences; chemical and pharmaceutical sciences; mathematics; physics. Faculty of Engineering - [e]

National University of Ireland
Faculty of Science & Engineering: biology; chemistry; physics; mathematics;
Maynooth - [e]

National University of Ireland
Research Facilities: biomedical science and engineering; histology; DNA analysis; protein vector analysis; materials testing; biomaterials; environment;
Galway - [e]

Trinity College Dublin
Faculty of engineering, mathematics and science (biochemistry and immunology; chemistry; engineering; genetics and microbiology; mathematics; natural sciences; physics); faculty of health sciences; school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences - [e]

University College Cork
Faculties of Science, of Engineering, and of Food Science (chemistry, biochemistry, geology, microbiology, physics, physiology, mathematics); Faculty of Medicine - [e]

University College Dublin
UCD institutes and centres: synthesis and chemical biology; food and health; research in infectious diseases - [e]

University of Limerick
Faculty of Science and Engineering - [e]

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National Research Institutions and Research Centers

Conway Institute
... of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research. Dublin - [e]

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Scientific Societies

Irish Mass Spectrometry Society
IMSS - [e]

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Patents and Standards

Irish Patents Office
IPO - [e]

National Standards Authority of Ireland - [e]

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Ministries and national authorities

Department of Education and Science
... of Ireland - [e]

... of Ireland - [e]

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Ireland: scientific institutions, organisations, research
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